Dinner Party on a Wednesday

Distant laughter crashing together,

Volume equal to ocean waves outstretching

Upon darkened sand,

Under Pisces moon light


Sincere flickering of

Scentless candles,

Warming each glow of hearts

Greeting prepared dishes

Of lobster


Conversations meshed,

Untangled words constructing

Symphonies of dignity


I sit facing the shore,

Hearing nothing specific,

Pieces of liveliness

Trickle up to permeate my ears


Hosts entertain cheerfully

As granddaughter chooses

New ways to stay awake


Angels surround

Sleeping grandson,

Down the neatened



Upkeep traditions

Alongside eager


Spirit lineages

Threaded into one

Common family tie


All discovered

In the upstairs bedroom

Given the privilege to

Co-create in between

Dutiful chatter.

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